UGR Criteria 

Designed specifically to redirect light away from the 60 to 90-degree offending zone of a luminaire, the Flat Optics micro-prismatic lens delivers a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 19, indicating that most occupants of a space will not be disturbed by the uncomfortable lighting glare that has become prevalent in recent years due to increases in product efficacy. Reducing glare has proven to increase student productivity in K-12 classroom environments as well as significantly reducing stress in hospital patient and waiting rooms. 


Deco LED Flat Panel with Flat Optix™ Lens: 

  • Light is redirected from 60° to 90° degrees of luminaire, UGR <19 

  • Conical structures built into the lens minimize high angle glare 

  • Allows for increased efficacy, rather than lumen output glaring at occupants 

  • High efficiency and energy saving 

  • Protection class: IP44 Damp Location Rated 

  • Increased productivity, decreased eye strain. 


Standard LED Flat Panel: 

  • Harsh glare at viewing angles above 60°, UGR >24 

  • Wide beam angle at 180° 

  • Uncomfortable glare 

  • Reduction in visibility caused by intense light source in field of view 

  • Protection class: IP22 protects only from objects greater than 12 millimeters 

  • Loss of productivity, increased eye strain.